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Why choose MCI

A pre-employment testing will assess and serve as “baseline” physical fitness for a potential hire who has been offered a conditional offer of employment, or a newly hired worker to determine whether or not they are suitable for the demands of the job.

The Periodic and Post examination are also required to assess the workers who are exposed to any designated substances and/or required to operate any equipment where standard and regulations are required. It is designated to assess the long-term health and wellness of your employee and the organization.

Are you looking to ensure that your new hires and existing employees are physically fit for the demands of their job? Look no further than MedWorks THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE™! Our pre-employment, periodic, and post-medical examinations are designed to assess the long-term health and wellness of your employees, and ensure that they are suitable for their role.

safety and productivity of your workplace

With our customized assessments, we’ll evaluate your employee’s physical fitness based on the demands of their job and provide you with same-day verbal reporting on their fitness status. Plus, you’ll receive written confirmation for your records.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – ensure the safety and productivity of your workplace by completing our form today to learn more about our pre-employment, periodic, and post-medical examinations.