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Empower your workforce with comprehensive healthcare services that prioritize their health and wellbeing.

MedWorks One Health and MedWorks™ have joined forces to provide your organization with a leading platform for patient-facing and corporate health services.

Whether your employees need remote access or in-office care, we offer a variety of healthcare services, including mental health services, pharmacy deliveries, dietician and personal training, dental services, and more.

Our user-friendly platform provides a centralized hub for all their healthcare needs, making it easy for them to access the care they need when they need it.

Physical And Cognitive Demands Analysis Physical Demands Analyses

Easy to Use

MedWorks™ provides a customized platform for your organization that makes it easy for your employees to access all of their healthcare and wellness services and products in one user friendly hub:

Access to booking in-person or virtual consultations to healthcare and wellness providers in their area:

  • MedWorks Wellness Connect
  • MedWorks Virtual Doctors
  • MedWorks Health Coordinators
  • Corporate Employee Benefits

Maximize Your Healthcare Benefits ROI with Holistic and Modern Solutions

Give your employees the gift of comprehensive healthcare options that prioritize their wellbeing!

MedWorks™ offers a choice between our online app or a physical kiosk, giving your employees access to the care they need, when they need it.

Our approach not only helps reduce healthcare costs and improve employee retention rates, but also increases overall happiness and productivity. Benefit from a branded portal for eligible employees, instant access to benefits, and a personal virtual coordinator for easy appointment booking.

Discover a modern and personalized approach to corporate healthcare with MedWorks™.

Join us in creating a healthier and happier workforce! Empower your employees with the healthcare access they deserve and boost morale, productivity, and retention rates.

Discover how our MedWorks™ app and kiosk can help you achieve this by booking a call with our team today!