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MedWorks delivers on-site immunization/vaccination programs at client corporate sites as well as in our clinic sites. Our program is designed to provide on-site immunization/vaccination services to your corporate site, ensuring your employees have easy access to the service without having to leave the workplace.

custom pharmacy needs

In addition to flu immunizations, we offer a range of other immunizations, including Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, and TB (Tuberculosis) Mantoux Testing. We can also provide customized programs to meet your specific needs with the support of our pharmacy and travel medicine clinic consultants.

Don’t wait until flu season hits to protect your employees – contact us today to schedule an on-site clinic with one of our registered nurses. All PPE and materials are provided, and we’ll even take care of removing sharps and biohazard waste at the end of the day. Complete the form for Flu and Immunization and we’ll be in touch soon!